Authenticate Foreign Ministry Certificates

How to Authenticate Foreign Ministry Certificates

Many clients inevitably think of the certification office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in order to facilitate the process of moving from one country to another for tourism or even residence.

Here, certified translation at the Certificate Attestation Office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Cervantes, plays a big role in your service of Authenticate Foreign Ministry Certificates so that you can get official certificates translated with great professionalism.

Certificate Authentication Office, Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Instructions to follow when authenticating documents:

Official papers and documents issued within the United Arab Emirates.

Copies will not be certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, but the original document will be certified by the government agency that issued the document.

The document submitted for legalization to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs through digital channels.

The original document is also placed in the envelope before it is handed to the delivery service employee.

Authenticate Foreign Ministry Certificates: Ratification of electronically attested documents:

Attach the QR code or any link issued by the authorizing agency to verify and authenticate the document.

Papers and official documents issued outside the UAE

Ratification of the original document from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country of origin of the document.

Ratification of the document from the UAE embassy or consulate abroad through digital channels.

Types of documents to be authenticated

There are two types of documents that need to be authenticated:

According to UAE federal law, any person applying for residency in the UAE must present documents ratified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country where the documents issued.

In addition, these documents must be authenticated by the certificate ratification office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Dubai or Abu Dhabi.

The original certified documents and the required fees, in addition to your passport, must presented with your passport before applying for the services of the Certificate Authentication Office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Dubai.

Authenticate Foreign Ministry Certificates: Outgoing documents

Persons leaving the UAE also need to have their documents authenticated by government departments.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is considered the highest department in the country and has full authority to authenticate documents related to any activity in the country.

In addition, the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs ratifies birth certificates, marriage certificates and exit certificates of companies or corporations.

  Servants’ contracts, settlement documents, business power of attorney certificates and other certificates.

Papers and certificates required by the Certificate Authentication Office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the UAE.

Documents required by the certification office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs include any pledge issued by one of the parties or an agreement concluded between two or more parties, such as:

– Copies of Passports

– Marriage Certificates

– Assign commercial agents.

– Withdrawal of associations.

– Obtaining certificates of authorization.

– Individual service contracts with some consulates.

Contents of the authentication service in the Emirates:

The services of the Certificate Authentication Office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the UAE include:

– Commercial, private or public powers of attorney.

– Membership certificate.

– Business license.

– Chamber of Commerce membership certificate.

– Decision of the board of directors.

– Entry of a new partner.

– Company incorporation contract.

Commercial registration

– Trademarks

– Financial budget

– Adjustment of share capital.

– Opening of a new branch of the foreign company in the Emirates.

– Opening of a new branch of the local company outside the UAE.

As for invoices issued from within the UAE, all invoices must be authenticated by the Chambers of Commerce and Industry.

All invoices issued from outside the country ratified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs itself and the UAE Embassy in the country from which the invoices issued.

There is a special attestation service for persons with special needs, called “Attestation with you”, and is provided by the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs to those who apply for the service under the category of persons with special needs, with the aim of providing a special and quick service to authenticate their documents without the need to enter authentication centers.

Certificate Authentication Office, Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Who among us does not need translation of official documents in their daily life?

I do not think that any of us does not need this service, that is why we have provided you, my dear client, with the translation of authenticated certificates for all documents, both official and private, in various fields, and at the hands of expert and competent translators.

This distinguished service is provided by a group of the most accurate translators certified in the translation of governmental and private documents and also in the translation of certificates.

The document translation services Cervantes provides to its distinguished clients. They are as follows:

– Passport translation.

– In addition, translation of medical documents.

– Translation of ID card numbers.

– Translate official academic certificates.

– Translation of articles and financial documents.

– In addition, translation of government documents and papers.

– In addition, translation of hospital reports.

All these various translation services are provided by the Cervantes Certified Translation Office. All you have to do to get these services is to quickly contact the Cervantes office.

Why Cervantes considered the best Certificate Authentication Office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The Certificate Authentication Office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Cervantes considered one of the reference offices in the field of certified translation throughout the Arab world and presents a set of characteristics that differentiate it from others. These can be summarized in the following points:

– 24-hour customer support.

– Fast turnaround time in delivering translated files to valued customers.

– The extreme accuracy with which Cervantes translators translate marriage certificates and other documents.

– The quality is unparalleled at Cervantes.

– The scientific integrity followed in the translated texts, which preserves their elegance.

– Ensuring that translated texts protected against theft or fraud.

How does the Cervantes office translate marriage contract documents?

Cervantes Certified Translation Bureau follows a series of steps by which it ensures that esteemed clients receive the most accurate translation of their marriage certificates. These steps represented in the following points:

Ensure that both parties receive the most accurate service, guaranteeing that the translation of the marriage certificate is free of contradictions or misunderstandings.

Pay attention to translating the scarce information on the marriage certificate, to benefit the spouses if they wish to travel abroad.

Translation of the marriage certificate with the highest possible quality.

This includes all parts of the marriage certificate, starting with addresses, dates and times, as well as names.

Taking into account the differences in the marriage contracts that need to translate, as the content of some marriage contracts differs from others, we find that they include more information and details.

Keep the information contained in the translation of the marriage contract, including the names of the spouses and the names of their fathers and mothers, as well as the place where the marriage took place and the conditions included in this marriage.


Cervantes is the best certificate authentication office of the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as it translates all types of certificates.

These certificates include marriage certificates, moreover, this office gives you extreme accuracy, speed of execution, honesty and quality.

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