Sworn/ LEGAL translation is the translation of texts within the field of law. The main question is when a document must be legally translated; the answer is, whenever the document is used for legal matters. In the United Arab Emirates, sworn/LEGAL translation is mandatory. For example, all of the following documents need this type of translation: birth certificates, marriage certificates, divorce certificates, death certificates, affidavits, general powers of attorney, special powers of attorney, powers of attorney for litigation, powers of attorney for sale and purchase… the list is endless. Cervantes Legal Translation & Services are experts in legal translation services.
Each language has its own unique terms; lexicons and terminologies that are distinct to that particular country or region. Translators must localize information from one source language to its exact equivalent in another language, while modifying it to take into account local cultural sensitivities. Translation is needed in Abu Dhabi or Dubai in a variety of areas: commercial, legal, advertising, medical, academic, technical, marketing, financial and scientific business domains.
Why do you need a legal translation of a document in the UAE?
Since the administrative language of the UAE government is Arabic, any document you need to send or process through any UAE government department requires a legal translation from its original language into Arabic and we can do this for you.
When do you require Legal Translation of a document?
For example, you are employed in the United Arab Emirates and wish to sponsor your wife’s residency visa, you must legalize your marriage certificate in your home country and then the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the UAE. After certifying your marriage certificate from the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs, before sending the document to the immigration department, it must be legally translated into Arabic to process the visa.
Why immediate attestation services for legal translation?
There are many people who can do translation from one language to another. But that kind of translation is not allowed in UAE government departments. Specific credentials and qualifications are required to do translation from any other language to Arabic according to UAE government law. This is the reason why you select Reliable Attestation Services, as we have a team of legal translators who are qualified according to UAE government standards. They are experts in all aspects of translation, be it legal or general translation services.
Every day we help companies and individuals by translating any type of document from and into around 200 languages, including major languages such as English, Arabic, Urdu, Hindi, Russian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Bengali, Tagalog/Filipino, Japanese, Punjabi, German, Malay, Telugu, Vietnamese, Korean, Turkish, Italian, Thai, Persian, Polish, Ukrainian, Romanian, Dutch, Nepali, Hungarian, Greek, Swedish, Italian and many more.